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About the owner and how Fitness 51 got it's start

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Stephanie Paige

Head Trainer

I always laugh when someone says to me "you just don't understand what it's like to struggle with your weight."  I have been hesitant to post my personal before and after because I never wanted Fitness 51 to be about me (exactly why I didn't name it something like "body by Stephanie" or "Stephanie Paige Fitness").  I started my company because I wanted to serve people and because I believe in fitness. I believe in fitness because it creates confidence by turning a shy, self-conscious girl into a vibrant, self-assured woman. I believe in fitness because it can take the new mom who is uncomfortable in her post-pregnancy body and remind her how strong and beautiful she is. I believe in fitness because it can give the woman in her 50s her sexy back and create a spark in her marriage. I see fitness change my clients lives every day and that's why I believe in what I do and LOVE what I do.  Click HERE to read my personal body transformation story.

About our method:

Fitness 51 was founded on the idea that fitness is a way of life.  We teach our clients how to incorporate healthy habits that add value to their lives while diminishing the anxiety that comes with carrying extra bodyweight around.  What would your life look like if you could eliminate all of the stress and worry over your weight?  There is a freedom that comes with taking care of your body.  Exercising smart and eating well will not only transform your body, it will transform your life.  We also believe that time is precious.  Our specific style of exercise was developed to challenge and change your body in the shortest amount of time.  No one should have to spend hours in the gym to reach their fitness goals. 

At Fitness 51, we combine intense intervals like hydro-rowing and kettlebell training with Pilates and Yoga inspired exercises to melt fat while building lean, sexy muscle. This combination is effective and produces results quickly.

 Our fitness training is also centered around the individual.  We meet each client at their current fitness level and tailor the program to the client's unique needs.  Whether you have a significant amount of weight to lose, or you want to build a svelte figure, our program will help you do just that!  

Fitness 51 also specializes in balance therapy and strength training for senior citizens.  Seniors need an exercise regimen designed with their specific needs in mind, but most trainers do not have experience working with older adults.  Stephanie, our head trainer, is experienced in designing balance and strength classes for older adults.  For more details check our Seniors Classes page.  

Brittany lost 4 inches from her waist and almost 20 pounds in just 2 months!  

Best Personal Trainer, Birmingham, AL

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Cason lost 6.5 inches from her hips in under 3 months!

Weight Loss Personal Training, Birmingham, AL

Rachel lost 10 pounds and 4 inches from her waist in 2 months!

Best Personal Trainer Birmingham, AL

Mary Hayden lost 3.5 inches from her waist in 6 months!

Andrew Lost
over 20 lbs!

Personal Training Fat Loss Birmingham AL

Danielle lost 1.5 inches from her waist in just 6 sessions!

Best Personal Training, Birmingham, AL

Fitness 51 also offers on-site fitness training.  Here are a few benefits of training in your home or office:

1) Convenience-With an in-home personal trainer you eliminate travel time to and from the gym. Plus, you never have to wait to use equipment.

2) Accountability- Coming up with an excuse to skip the gym is all too easy.  In-home trainers will be there to make sure you don't miss a workout.  Imagine all the progress you would have made in the last 6 months if you hadn't missed a workout!  

3) Privacy- 41% of people prefer to exercise at home because they're too embarrassed to go to the gym.  We train you in your home where you won't feel like you are on display and you can receive 100% of your trainer's attention

4) Intensity- Quite frankly, most people who work out on their own fall into exercise ruts.  Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to push ourselves to a new level of fitness.  With a trainer you will continue to advance to higher levels of fitness rather than plateauing.  

Are you ready to lose weight and tone up?  It's time to get the body you've always dreamed of.  No more excuses. Call us today to get started!