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How to Quit Your Soda Habit for Good

Sodas are so addictive, they should be classified as a drug, in my personal opinion.  Bubbles, sugar, and caffeine are truly a magical combination, but as a fitness pro, I know all too well the health dangers beneath the magic.  From the ten teaspoons of sugar per can to the phosphoric acid that causes cavities, there is just NO GOOD REASON to be drinking soda!  We all know how bad soft drinks are for our health, so I won't bore you with a list of reasons to skip the bubbles.  Let's get straight to the fool-proof plan for quitting that nasty habit.  


Cold Brew Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

Need a boost?  This smoothie packs a mean hit of caffeine and tastes like a yummy frappuccino!  Perfect for afternoon slumps or Monday mornings :) ...(Read More) 

Nutrition Information:

290 calories

13.3 grams of protein

34 grams of carbs

5 Reasons to Start Kickboxing TODAY!

At Fitness 51, we LOVE kickboxing, and you should too.  Here are the top 5 reasons we incorporate boxing into most of our workouts.

1- Kickboxing burns fat FAST
One hour of kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories!  For comparison, jogging for an hour burns just under 400 calories.  Boxing is an incredibly efficient workout because you are toning every inch of your body while also improving your cardiovascular endurance.  

Stephanie Paige- 50 lb Body Transformation 

I always laugh when someone says to me "you just don't understand what it's like to struggle with your weight."  That's when I whip out the photo on the left- which is now affectionately known as "pink sweater Stephanie" - me at 17 years old and 50 pounds heavier.  I have been hesitant to post my personal before and after because I never wanted Fitness 51 to be about me (exactly why I didn't name it something like "body by Stephanie" or "Stephanie Paige Fitness").  I started my company because I believe in fitness. I believe in fitness because it creates confidence by turning a shy, self-conscious girl into a vibrant, self-assured woman. I believe in fitness because it can take the new mom who is uncomfortable in her post-pregnancy body and remind her how strong and beautiful she is...(Read More)

Change Your Skin With These Three Simple Diet Tips!

My skin started to change drastically in my mid 20s.  After a bad night's sleep, I had dark circles.  After a few cocktails, my skin was red and poofy.  I was beginning to see fine lines on my forehead, and I definitely didn't feel cute running around without makeup anymore!  After hearing Gwyneth Paltrow claim that her beautiful skin is a direct result of clean eating, I decided to tweak my diet until my skin radiant and healthy again.  Here is what works!  ...(Read More)

Fudgy Protein Brownies

As a personal trainer, I love finding alternatives to my clients' favorite "less than healthy" foods.  This fudgy protein brownie recipe is comparable to Ghiradelli's triple chocolate brownies...and no one will ever guess that the main ingredient is black beans!  They are client tested, man approved, and you don't need Betty Crocker skills to make them.  Here's the recipe...(Read More...)

Homemade Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great alternative to cow's milk for those of us who can't eat dairy, or for those that choose not to for health reasons.  These days, almond milk is readily available in most grocery stores, but it is incredibly easy to make and customize to your tastes!  Oh, and homemade almond milk is much creamier (translation- more satisfying!)  Here's my recipe for fresh, preservative and sugar free almond milk :)  (...Read More)

Nutty Green Smoothie

Our Nutty Green Smoothie is full of heart healthy fats and metabolism boosters.  **This is a VERY thick, satisfying smoothie so we recommend it as a meal replacement.  


This recipe yields 3 10 ounce smoothies.  I like to make extra to store in the fridge :)  Always store in an airtight container!  

Nutrition Information Per Serving:


Protein-14.5 grams

Fiber-11 grams

Fat Burning Smoothie

This smoothie will boost your metabolism and provide clean energy to fuel your day!  

Nutrition Information:

352 calories

14 grams of protein

11.5 grams of fiber

35 grams carbs

(...Read More)

Eat From a Shot Glass- Lose Weight! 

Are you ready to hear my favorite and easiest diet tip?  Eat out of a shot glass!  The average shot glass will hold 1.5 ounces and is perfect for portion control.  

How to implement this diet tip:
Eat balanced meals throughout the day, avoiding processed junk. Think lean meat or fish, vegetables, and a small amount of fruit or a complex carb.'s the fun part!  Once a day, fill your shot glass with whatever food you're craving. Stuff it with chocolate cake, ice cream, m&m's, tequila, whatever!  Take your time and ENJOY your shot glass treat. This small, daily indulgment will keep you from binging on whatever you're craving later. I lost 50 pounds following this simple tip. I had ice cream every day...(Read More)

How to Lose Weight with Meal Replacement Shakes & My Review of IdealShape

Meal replacement shakes can help accelerate weight loss, but trying to choose a meal replacement shake can be overwhelming. There are so many options!  And let's be honest, most shakes are often sold through multi level marketing companies. I'm sure you've experienced the hard sale from a friend you haven't talked to in 10 years who is now involved in a pyramid scheme, sending all of their Facebook friends messages trying to sell their new miracle shake.  What a turn off!  As a personal trainer, I've been contacted by every major meal replacement distributor and I've tried the majority of them.  So let me give you a breakdown on the meal replacement shake I use personally and recommend to my clients (Read More...)

"New Year, New You 2015" Month 1 Progress

We're so excited to share Emily's Month 1 Progress Report!  She has been incredibly dedicated to her new, fit lifestyle.  She is prepping healthy meals every Sunday and exercising at least 4 times per week.  All of her hard working is definitely paying off.  Check out her progress pictures and measurements.  Spoiler alert!  She has already lost 3 inches from her waist!  (Read More...)

"New Year, New You 2015" Contest Winners, Katie and Emily Week 2-- Check out Katie's Paleo Muffin Recipe!  

Week 2 was filled with new challenges for the girls.  After recovering from a nasty illness during week 1, Katie sprained her back.  She couldn't even stand, let alone strength train.  She was only able to get one workout in during week 2, but she did keep her diet clean and her attitude positive.  Katie is learning that when you try to do something GREAT there will always be obstacles...You just have to adapt and keep moving forward!  Emily is learning how to incorporate exercise and clean eating into her lifestyle while raising a 4 year old (Read More...)

"New Year, New You 2015" Contest Winners, Katie and Emily's First Week With Fitness 51- Follow Their Fitness Journey!

Meet Katie & Emily, our winners for the 2015 "New Year, New You" Personal Training Contest.  Week 1 was filled with nasty sickness, sore muscles and a drastic diet overhaul.  Read about the girls and their first week of progress by clicking HERE

Watermelon Avocado Skin Beautifying Smoothie

400 Calories

26 Grams of Protein

12 Grams of Fiber

This smoothie will keep hunger at bay, hydrate, and provide your body with mega nutrients like skin beautifying omega 3's.  (Read more...)

Full-Body Circuit Workout for Fat Loss

This workout is designed to work every major muscle group while simultaneously torching calories.  What a time saver!  
Perform this workout 2-3 times per week to sculpt lean, sexy muscle!  


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