Fitness 51's Online Program


What Fitness 51's Online Program Will do for You:

1) Help you take control of your fitness, your body, and most importantly, your life! 

What would your life look like if you could stop worrying about your weight, your appearance or even your health? When you create balance in your life with nutrition and exercise you also eliminate unnecessary anxiety.  You will spend your life enjoying the moment rather than worrying about what to wear to a party because your clothes don't fit.  Fitness 51 will help you feel energized, confident and healthy! 

2) Save You Money

Online training is our most affordable training option.  For less than the cost of a fancy meal out, you will receive access to our 8 week "No Excuses" program, Fitness 51's fool-proof nutrition plan, and member only content including workouts and recipes.  We add new content every week to keep fitness fresh and fun!

3) Give you PERSONAL attention.  

Have a question about an exercise?  Or maybe you have a special dietary restriction and want to request a modification.  No problem!  Our trainers are here for you and we want to build an interactive and personal experience!  This is what separates our online program from the rest.  We want to keep the "personal" in personal training and give you the same level of attention all of our clients receive.  You will receive a special email address and phone # to text or call with questions & comments.

What Do You Receive With Your Lifetime Membership?

-Our 8 Week "No Excuses" Program.  This program takes you through 3 phases that will increase your fitness from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  

-Our Fool-proof Nutrition Plan.  Our nutrition plan is easy to follow!  We clearly lay out which foods are off limits, which foods are okay in moderation and which foods are best for fueling your body.  The nutrition plan includes a grocery shopping list, a sample meal plan, recipes and lots of great snack ideas.  

-Our 7 Day Slim Down 

The EASIEST 7 day detox!  Follow this week-long meal plan to jump start your weight loss journey or to prepare for an upcoming event.  No complicated recipes, just quick results!

-Member Only Content.  Like what you see on our blog?  That is a small sample of what is available to our members!  We add new content weekly, including workouts and recipes.  Getting bored with your fitness routine or your nutrition is a roadblock to success so we keep things fresh!  

-Lifetime Access!  You only pay ONE fee ONE time!  This is not a subscription based service where you will pay every month.  We are keeping things simple and affordable. 

Sample Workout
*This sample is taken from phase 2 of the program and is an intermediate workout


Brittany lost almost 20 pounds in just 

2 months using our signature method, 

Formula 51 and by following our detailed nutrition plan!

Rachel lost 4 inches from her waist in just 2 months using our signature method,

Formula 51 and by following our detailed nutrition plan!

Cason lost 6.5 inches in less than 3 months using our signature method,

Formula 51 and by following our detailed nutrition plan!

Danielle lost an inch and a half from her waist and GAINED an inch and a half to her booty using our signature method,

Formula 51!

Signing up is easy!  Simply hit the buy now button and sign into our online store.  Here you will be able to book a 15 minute consult & Purchase the Online Training Program.