Senior Fitness Classes &
Balance Therapy for Seniors, Birmingham, AL

As we age our exercise needs begin to change. After age 30 muscle mass decreases by up to 5% per decade.  Stabilization muscles need extra attention to maintain balance when walking. Seniors need an exercise regimen designed with their specific needs in mind, but most trainers do not have experience working with older adults.  Our head trainer, Stephanie, designed balance and strength classes for a large retirement community in Alabama. Her passion is to help seniors regain their independence and improve quality of life.  Whether you are the director of a residential community wanting to add exercise classes to your calendar or are an older adult wanting to maintain vigor give us a call so we can send Stephanie your way!  

Benefits of exercise for older adults:

Decreases Joint Pain and improves circulation

Improves balance, flexibility and mobility.

Improves cognitive skills and boosts mood

Increases bone density to help prevent osteoporosis.  

Renews energy and endurance

Reduces the symptoms of depression

Lowers blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD)

**In addition to fitness classes for residential communities, we also offer balance therapy and senior fitness for individuals in the comfort of their own home

Senior Fitness Birmingham Alabama

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Fitness Classes for 
Residential Communities

Choose from a variety of classes to improve strength, balance and cardio conditioning:

Balance Therapy

Balance Therapy is designed to strengthen stabilization muscles and increase coordination.  The goal of this class is to help prevent falls and increase independence.

Sit and Be Fit 

Sit and Be Fit focuses on low impact cardio, flexibility and strength training. The majority of this class is completed while sitting in a chair.  We use light dumbbells, resistance bands and our own body weight to improve strength and coordination. 

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi is perfect for residents who enjoy meditation or mind body connection.  This class involves slow moving, meditative poses that increase coordination, reduce stress and help residents cope with anxiety. 

*All classes are designed to be low impact

“I think the exercise classes Stephanie offers us are great.  Many of them are the same regime my doctor advised for me.  The balance class is doing us all lots of good and I see quite an improvement in a number of our participants.  My thanks to Stephanie for her hard work.”
    Fran Fauble- 89 years old