5 Reasons to Start Kickboxing TODAY! 

At Fitness 51, we LOVE kickboxing, and you should too.  Here are the top 5 reasons we incorporate boxing into most of our workouts.

1- Kickboxing burns fat FAST
One hour of kickboxing can burn up to 800 calories!  For comparison, jogging for an hour burns just under 400 calories.  Boxing is an incredibly efficient workout because you are toning every inch of your body while also improving your cardiovascular endurance.  

2- Kickboxing Improves Balance and Coordination
Flowing through a typical boxing progression improves your reflexes and coordination, while incorporating kicks will greatly improve your balance.  When you kick, your body has to fight to maintain it's balance by keeping it's center of mass (your trunk) over the base (your feet).  This kinesthetic awareness is something that begins to decrease after age 25.  It is so important to include functional training in your workouts to maintain your balance and mobility for a lifetime.  

3- Sculpt a Svelte Figure
Tone! Tone! Tone!  Kickboxing builds strength and tones your body from head to toe by working every major muscle group, and by constantly engaging your core.  Most people perform what I like to call "The Mirror Workout" where they will train all of the muscles you can see when standing in front of a mirror (chest, abs, arms, legs).  The problem with that type of workout is you miss a lot of opposing muscle groups on your back side! This can cause your body to be out of alignment and can also produce significant pain in your lower back.  Kickboxing solves this problem by working all of your major muscles including your back muscles, which are often forgotten.

4- Learn Valuable Self Defense
As a 5'3 woman, I know how important it is to know a few self defense moves.  Learning how to leverage your body's power against a potential attacker is invaluable.  There are so many stories in the news about women who were attacked, but saved themselves by fighting back with progressions they learned from kickboxing classes.  In a moment of panic, your body's fight or flight response will kick in and do what it knows.  So do yourself a favor and take a kickboxing or self defense class!  Knowing how to protect yourself is empowering and necessary.

5- Relieve Stress
Yes, all exercise releases endorphins and diminishes stress, but there is something about letting a little aggression out after a long day that makes kickboxing the ultimate stress relief.  Whether you have a stressful job, mother-in-law, or energetic children...try taking some of your frustration out on a punching bag.  You can thank me later.  

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