Your Bikini Season Survival Guide

One of the most dreaded moments in any woman's life is the moment she steps foot inside a fluorescent lit dressing room with an armful of bathing suits.  Even the fittest girls seem to leave the mall frustrated after swimsuit shopping. Something about seeing every physical flaw and pasty winter skin on full display just sucks the life out of you.  After you survive shopping you get to worry about parading around half naked with your new suit in front of friends and family all summer long.  Is there any way to make bikini season a little less dreadful?  Yes! I am going to give you ten ways to arm yourself for pool parties and beaches this summer.  Put these ten things into practice and you might even anticipate that first day you get to slip into your teeny bikini.  

1. Incorporate 3 days of strength training into your workout routine.  

Cardiovascular training certainly has benefits, but let's not overlook the importance of strength training if you want to look incredible in a bikini.  Lifting weights combats cellulite, builds sexy curves, and tones up the body parts that tend to sag as gravity kicks in.  Strength training also burns mad calories.  Don't know where to start?  Try a half hour strength-training workout on youtube or hire a personal trainer to learn the ropes.  A trainer can help you see results in half the time.  

2. Slather on sunless tanner.

Whether you're about to tackle swimsuit shopping or a hot game of beach volleyball, having a little glow will boost your bikini confidence.  

3. Don't play the comparison game.

It's easy to compare your less than chiseled tummy to your friend's perfect abs as she is stuffing her face with pizza at a pool party.  Sooooo not fair, right?   Keep in mind that everyone's body is different and there is probably someone envious of your toned arms or perky booty.  We all have flaws, and we are each our own worst critic.  Work with what you've got!

4. Shave your legs.

Every woman feels a little self-conscious when her legs are even a tad stubbly.  Shave and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

5. Drink more water!

Drinking lots of water will keep your tummy flat, give your skin a gorgeous glow, and prevent you from overeating.  

6. Get the right fit.

Much like denim, bathing suits are all sized differently.  Rather than obsessing over the number, worry about finding a bathing suit that fits your body perfectly. Finding a suit that will complement your best features may take a little time.  Be patient.  Keep looking.

7. Cut the junk.

Eliminating processed food like cookies, crackers and candy from your diet will help you look AND feel better.  Fill up on lean proteins, veggies and naturally sweet fruits.  

8. No more soda.

One more thing about diet- skip the soda.  Carbonated beverages leave you bloated and the sugar will destroy your skin.  Who needs those extra calories anyways?  

9. Sit up straight.

Even if your body is perfectly toned, hunching over does no favors for your tummy.  Sit up straight with shoulders back and you'll instantly look thinner and firmer.  

10. Cover-up

Remember, they make cute cover-ups and board shorts for a reason.  If you over-do it on fried seafood or pina colada‚Äôs one night on vacation, the next day will be a perfect opportunity to sport an adorable cover-up.  

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