Change Your Skin With These Three Simple Diet Tips!

My skin started to change drastically in my mid 20s.  After a bad night's sleep, I had dark circles.  After a few cocktails, my skin was red and poofy.  I was beginning to see fine lines on my forehead, and I definitely didn't feel cute running around without makeup anymore!  After hearing Gwyneth Paltrow claim that her beautiful skin is a direct result of clean eating, I decided to tweak my diet until my skin was radiant and healthy again.  Here is what works! 

1. Get Your Omega 3s

Let's start with the easiest tip to follow...consume lots of omega 3s!  I made sure to include plenty of the following foods in my diet:

salmon, walnuts, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, and fish oil.  Your skin NEEDS healthy fats to look plump and youthful.  Without them, your skin will look dull, dry and ruddy.

2. Cut the Wheat

This one wasn't easy for me, but has proven time and time again to be a culprit of skin issues.  If I so much as eat half a biscuit or have a few sips of beer, my skin loses radiance and forms red patchy spots.  Wheat contains lectins, which our bodies cannot digest, so we often produce antibodies to fight them.  This can cause a whole host of issues from leaky gut to brain fog, but the results I saw most quickly from eliminating wheat were on my face!  I no longer get pimples before menstruating, I don't have dry patchy spots and I said deuces to the frustrating redness!  

3. Easy On the Booze

After a long day of work, cocktails just seem to call your name, am I right?  From post work happy hour to easing your nerves on a first date, social drinking is something most of us regularly partake in.  Being newly single, I noticed my drink intake had spiked a bit...girls nights call for martinis and any of the Bachelor franchise shows, of course!  My skin didn't appreciate this at all.  So for about a month I made water my beverage of choice.  Guess what y'all, when you're out, no one can tell if you're sipping on water with cranberry and lime or the real deal!  And the next morning you'll feel fresh as a daisy and your skin will thank you for it.  Alcohol dehydrates and your skin will not only feel will LOOK parched.  Moisturize from the inside out.  Drink plenty of water and go easy on beer/wine/liquor.  The best way I've found to implement this tip is to alternate a water based "mocktail" with the hard stuff.  **Get access to the full Fitness 51 Nutrition Plan HERE

There ya have it!  I'm no dermatologist, but these are the things I have found to truly work.  All the expensive skin products in the world can't give you the healthy, glowing skin that you achieve by eating nutritiously.  I'd love to hear your comments on what works for your skin!  

Stephanie Paige

President/Head Trainer

Fitness 51

**Note: In both photos, I am only wearing a CC Cream on my skin.  I took both photos under the same bathroom lighting and used no filters.  In the after photo I AM wearing lip gloss and mascara, but other than that the variables remained the same. Second photo was taken 3 weeks after the first photo.  

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