How to Lose Weight with Meal Replacement Shakes
 & My Review of IdealShape

Meal replacement shakes can help accelerate weight loss, but trying to choose a meal replacement shake can be overwhelming. There are so many options!  And let's be honest, most shakes are often sold through multi level marketing companies. I'm sure you've experienced the hard sale from a friend you haven't talked to in 10 years who is now involved in a pyramid scheme, sending all of their Facebook friends messages trying to sell their new miracle shake.  What a turn off!  As a personal trainer, I've been contacted by every major meal replacement distributor and I've tried the majority of them.  So let me give you a breakdown on the meal replacement shake I use personally and recommend to my clients. 

Idealshape- why I choose their shakes 

*They're low sugar and low carb. Most shakes are low calorie, but are loaded with sugar and carbs. Here's how idealshape compares with other shakes:

Grams of sugar per serving:

Idealshape 1 gram

Slim fast 34 grams

Shakeology 9 grams

Advocare 12 grams

Isagenix 11 grams 

Sugar wreaks havoc on your skin and sabotages your weight loss efforts. I love that this shake doesn't have to compensate with sugar to have a great taste. 

Grams of Carbohydrates per serving:

Idealshape 9 grams (For vanilla.  10 grams for chocolate flavor)

Slim fast 25 grams

Shakeology 17 grams

Advocare 24 grams

Isagenix 24 grams 

I'm not a carb hater, but if you are trying to be carb conscious or cycle your carbs, idealshape is a perfect fit.  Most of us truly get more carbs than our bodies need, so I like my shakes to be low carb. 

*They're unbelievably yummy. I've tried a lot of different shakes, and most are tolerable at best, even when mixed with milk. Idealshape shakes taste awesome with just water. This was a huge selling point for me because I try not to consume a lot of dairy.  Also, if you don't look forward to drinking your shakes, you probably won't be consistent with them.  Consistency is the key to success with any fitness or nutrition plan! 

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Why try a meal replacement shake? 

*They're quick and EASY.  Too tired in the morning to scramble eggs?  Too rushed during lunch to get a healthy meal in?  Shakes are perfect for those of us that use "I don't have time to eat healthy" as their main excuse for their poor diet choices. You just need mix the powder with water or milk in your blender bottle and you're good to go. 

*They take the guesswork out of 1-2 meals every day. I'm a big believer in consuming whole foods rather than taking supplements for nutrition, but it can be overwhelming and frustrating if your diet normally consists of fast food cheeseburgers and pizza to suddenly switch to preparing healthy meals. With shakes, you don't need to count calories or prepare a meal with the proper ratio of carbs to protein to fat. I drink these shakes for 1-2 meals every day because it makes my life easier and ensures I'm getting decent nutrition. 

My tips for using meal replacement shakes safely and effectively:

1) If your goal is to lose a subtantial amount of weight, replace 2 meals/day with a shake, eat a healthy snack and a healthy third meal. Once you reach your goal weight, move on to tip number 2 for weight maintenance. 

2) If your goal is to maintain your current weight, or simply to add a quick, nutritious meal to your diet, replace one meal/day with a shake.  Have a healthy snack and two balanced meals as well. 

3) Bored with your shakes?  Pull out the blender!  Add frozen fruit or PB2 peanut butter powder, cocoa powder, etc to keep your taste buds happy. 

4) Avoid milk in your shakes if your goal is weight loss. If you really want a creamy shake, try unsweetened almond milk instead. 

5) Make sure your meals consist of lean protein and plenty of vegetables. Add a heathy carb like a sweet potato or fruit for a perfectly balanced meal!

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