January Challenge, First Update, 6 pounds down!

Every January I come up with some type of challenge for myself to help slim down for the new year. This year I’ve decided to cut bread, soft drinks and alcohol from my diet for the entire month of January. Bread is something I have never given up completely because it requires a little more effort to avoid. A few days before January this year I started limiting my bread intake significantly to help myself ease into the idea of living without it for a month. You know what? It hasn’t been that bad! Here is an example of one of my first meals where I avoided bread…and no, I did not eat any of those mini sandwiches in front of my plate. So skipping the baby sandwiches and dinner roll wasn’t so disheartening when I could still have steak, half a potato and salad!

You can’t tell me that meal doesn’t look satisfying. I am technically on my 7th day of my January challenge(3 days of limiting my intake of these foods and 4 days of removing them from my diet entirely). So far I have lost 6 pounds! I’ve even had a terrible cold, which prevented me from working out the last two days.

So now I’ll issue this challenge to you as well. It’s super easy and you don’t need to count a single calorie. Whether you packed on a few pounds over the holidays or 20 pounds over the last year this will be a great way to enforce healthy habits into your life. The key is teaching yourself to choose healthy alternatives. Not ordering a martini or coke at dinner means you’ll probably be drinking water. This saves you from consuming hundreds of unnecessary calories, plus you're hit with a blast of hydration from the H20. And hey, you can still have a glass of OJ in the morning if that’s your thing. So here’s your guide to follow:

1- No Soft Drinks

Avoid cokes as if your life depended on it, and this INCLUDES DIET SOFT DRINKS!

2- No Alcohol

All of the festivities are over. New Years Eve was the last night where you turning down an alcoholic beverage makes you look like a total prude. Unless you are getting married or having a birthday in January, stay away from this diet wrecker.

3- No Bread

Unless you’re a frat boy, this will probably be the most difficult food to eliminate, but I’m honestly not that strict. When I refer to bread I mean the literal definition. No dinner rolls, sandwiches, tortilla wraps, croissants, etc. Are you with me? Guess what, I had a few bites of cake last night. Should that be considered “bread”? Maybe, but if I can’t have a bite of cake then I doubt I could last a month with no bread. The bottom line is not to deprive yourself of everything you love. Have a couple bites of something you enjoy every day to keep yourself from going crazy.

There you go! Stephanie’s January Challenge 2014. Join me and let’s have the healthiest, fittest year yet! Stay tuned for more updates this month


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