Katie & Emily- 2015 "New Year, New You" Contest Winners.  Week 1 Progress
January 10, 2015


Meet Katie, our grand prize winner! She is a University of Alabama grad with a fun, bubbly personality. We will be posting quarterly about her progress and weighing in every month for all of 2015. Follow Katie on her fitness journey! Her starting Weight: 292 lbs. Height: 5'8. Our goal is to lose 100+ pounds. She will be receiving an $11,200 training package that is a mixture of small group training, private training, and a lifetime membership to our online program! Congratulations, Katie!

**Update January 26 2015

Unfortunately, Katie was not able to continue training.  We wish her all the best on her weight loss journey.  Be sure to continue watching our runner-up, Emily's progress this year!  

We received so many touching entries that we decided to add a Runner-Up Winner! Our runner-up is Emily! Emily is a 22 year old single mother and her starting weight is 210 pounds. Height:5'7. We will also be sharing Emily's progress through quarterly posts. She is receiving a $4500 training package.


Week 1- Nutrition

Week 1 for the girls began with a drastic overhaul of their diet.  They traded frosted flakes for eggs with fruit, processed snacks for healthier options like peppers (the more natural color in your diet, the BETTER!), and high fat meals for lean meat with veggies.  When it comes to weight loss, nutrition is 80% of the battle!  So choose wisely what you put in your body.  Stick with fresh, whole foods and always avoid processed junk!  


Week 1- Workout

Katie & Emily were able to share their first workout together!  Katie, was just getting over a nasty sickness, but she was incredibly upbeat and ready to tackle a tough workout.  We did 45 minutes of kettlebell training, intervals, and pilates.  If you are interested in doing these types of workouts, try our online program and keep up with our blog where we post workout videos for you to enjoy at home!  Great job, ladies!  The first step is the hardest and best is yet to come :) 

Week 1- A Word from Katie & Emily

From Katie:

Today was my first workout session with Stephanie.  I missed my first few workouts due to being sick.  Today's workout was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced.  The burpees were definitely the hardest part of it all.  I worked every bone in my body and I'm sore from head to toe.  As much as it hurts, at the same time it feels great!  I love the feeling of knowing I'm working out like I never have before.  Pushing my body to the limit.  I definitely feel a lot better since I started eating clean!  I can tell a huge difference in how I feel already!  I'm looking forward to continuing this incredible journey!  

From Emily:

The first week of my new routine was definitely the hardest, but I am motivated to see the results I want to see!  I've been drinking a gallon of water a day and so far I feel a lot more energized.  The workouts were tough, but I feel amazing so far!  I can't wait to see what's in store next week!

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