The Key to Sustainable Weight Loss

"Taste everything, eat nothing." That's Bethenny Frankel's new diet mantra. For those of you who don't know Bethenny, she is a natural food chef who gained fame on the Real Housewives of New York. She now has her own talk show, a diet book and an entire line of low calorie wines and liquors. This comment stirred up some controversy and I can understand why. When a rail thin celebrity says "eat nothing" it may sound like she's endorsing an eating disorder. can you taste everything while eating nothing? Should we be chewing our favorite foods only to spit them back out? Bethenny may be a little rough around the edges, but I like her no BS approach and this piece of diet advice is completely sane. She is preaching the idea of moderation.  Moderation is the key to sustainable weight loss.  Moderation is how I lost 50 pounds. I didn't cut a single thing out of my diet. Didn't count calories or points. Didn't fear carbs or fat. Didn't have to suffer through 7 days of green juice. In fact, I ate ice cream every day. I had this cute little 2 ounce glass mug that I would fill with Breyers ice cream and chocolate syrup. Two ounces of ice cream kept me from feeling unsatisfied. Satiety is a huge component of the mental side of weight loss. Last week I actually read a study that showed eating TWO ounces of whatever you are craving will help you shed pounds. In the study, one group of participants consumed 2 ounces of whatever they were craving while the other group consumed as much as they wanted. Fifteen minutes later, they all rated themselves as feeling satisfied. When it comes to cravings (not hunger) our bodies don't know the difference between 5 potato chips and 35 potato chips! I would like to think that the article confirmed me being a genius, but it really only proves that I learned how my body works. You could read every health journal published in the past year and attend every weight watchers meeting out there but until you learn how your body works, weight loss is probably going to feel like a sick and twisted game you can't figure out how to win. So listen to your body. If you are craving something, have a couple bites then go for a walk or call a friend to keep from overindulging.

Speaking of moderation here's an update on my January Challenge.  I am down 9 pounds!! I'll be honest, during the national championship game (War Eagle!) I viewed the rules as mere suggestions. You don't always get to have football food! All of my weaknesses on one counter:  stromboli, sausage balls, chili cheese dip...yeah, talk about a cheat day. It's only January 11th...join me! No bread, no soft drinks, no alcohol. Read our previous article for more details.


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