"New Year, New You 2015" Month 1 Progress!


We're so excited to share Emily's Month 1 Progress Report!  She has been incredibly dedicated to her new, fit lifestyle.  She is prepping healthy meals every Sunday and exercising at least 4 times per week.  All of her hard working is definitely paying off.  Check out her progress pictures to the left and her measurements below:

January 9th *Original Measurements*/ February 3d Measurements

Weight:              206.5                                      201

Neck:                 15                                           14

Shoulders:         50.47                                      47            

Bicep:                17                                           15.5

Chest:                41.5                                        39.75

Waist:                 38                                           35

Navel:                 45                                          41.5

Hips:                   47                                          45

Butt                     47                                          45.5

Thigh:                  28                                          27

Calf:                    17                                          16

Great work, Emily!  We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see your final progress report at the end of this year!  

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