Eat From a Shot Glass - Lose Weight! 


Are you ready to hear my favorite and EASIEST diet tip?  Eat out of a shot glass!  The average shot glass will hold 1.5 ounces and is perfect for portion control.  

How to implement this diet tip:

Eat balanced meals throughout the day, avoiding processed junk. Think lean meat or fish, vegetables, and a small amount of fruit or a complex carb.'s the fun part!  Once a day, fill your shot glass with whatever food you're craving. Stuff it with chocolate cake, ice cream, m&m's, tequila, whatever!  Take your time and ENJOY your shot glass treat. This small, daily indulgment will keep you from binging on whatever you're craving later. I lost 50 pounds following this simple tip. I had ice cream every day!  Knowing that I could have a small amount of my favorite foods every day kept me on track and kept me from feeling deprived.  Want the full diet plan?  Join our online community and receive access to our full nutrition plan, recipes, and our 8 week No Excuses Fitness Program (video workout series).  Click here for more information

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