Success Stories


Cason D.

Lost 6.5 inches from her hips in 3 months!

"When my wedding gown wouldn't zip up earlier this year I knew I needed to find some help.  Fitness 51 helped me learn how to make exercise and good nutrition part of my daily routine.  After just 2 months of working with Stephanie, my dress fit perfectly!  I felt beautiful on my big day and highly recommend Fitness 51 to anyone looking to incorporate some healthy changes into their life.  Stephanie is knowledgeable and knows how to deliver a fun and intense workout!"

Cason D.


Brittany C. 

Lost 4 inches from her waist and almost 20 pounds in 2 months!  Oh, and her dress fit like a dream!   


Mary Hayden 

Lost 3.5 inches from her waist and 10 pounds!


Andrew F.

Lost almost 30 pounds! 

He is training with his fiancé to prepare for their wedding day.

Kyle B. 

"Stephanie is an amazing trainer and role model! She has a drive and passion for fitness that is truly contagious! I recommend her to anyone if you are serious about seeing results, but want to also feel comfortable and free from judgement like training at a big gym might make you feel."


Lauren B.

"Stephanie at Fitness 51 has the most effective training program that I have found in the Birmingham area.  As a registered dietician in the Health and Wellness field, I have worked with many fitness professionals.  Stephanie is knowledgeable, professional and creative with workouts.  I worked her for 9 months leading up to my wedding and have never felt stronger, healthier and more confident about myself!"

Haley, Lauren and Jan

We also had the pleasure of training Lauren's sister, Haley, and her mom, Jan.  They all looked so gorgeous at their September wedding!  

"Stephanie is a great trainer! I love how each session is unique...never boring. Always a challenge!" -Jan C. 


Jan A.

Jan has lost 20 pounds and 6 inches from her waist since she started training with Fitness 51!  She is an incredibly hard worker and so much fun to have in our small group training sessions.  Her goal is to lose 40 pounds.  We are halfway there and can't wait to see her final results!   


Stephanie H.

Our client, Stephanie H. completed a half iron man!  Way to go, girl!  

"Stephanie is a fantastic trainer! She also knows how to have fun, so your workout will not only be difficult and effective, but entertaining! Highly recommended! ;)"

Rachel W.

Lost 4 inches from her waist and 10 pounds in just 2 months!


Danielle A. 

"Stephanie at Fitness 51 was a game changer for me. I run 10-14 miles a week but never saw a difference in my body until I spent time training with Stephanie. In six short weeks I lost three inches from my waist and felt great in my clothes. She is amazing at learning what you can do and knows how to push you without overdoing it. If you are looking for someone who encourages you and keeps you motivated Stephanie is your girl!"


Anita S.

Lost 10 pounds and over 3 inches from her waist in 4 months!

"Stephanie is a great personal trainer. She's very motivating and makes sure you are using the proper form to ensure you won't injure yourself. She will have you toned up in no time."


Stephanie G.

"Love love love Fitness 51. Stephanie is more than an awesome trainer...she is an excellent coach when it comes to your meal planning and finding specific exercises to target areas where you may "ahem" need more attention. She's also a cheerleader even when you're not at your work-out. She's always encouraging. Finding Fitness 51 helped me make some major life changes and even helped get me off my blood pressure meds. I give 5 stars and then some!"


Rachel S.  

Lost 20 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes in less than 3 months! 

"Last year I got married and began working a 9-5 desk job.  The pounds quickly packed on and I knew it was time to make some lifestyle changes.  I began working out with Stephanie 3 times a week and saw incredible results.  I learned how to do HIIT (high intensity interval training), which is perfect for my busy schedule.  She also taught me a lot about nutrition.  The best part was, she was with me every step of the way.  If I gave up sweets, she gave up sweets too and would even check in with me throughout the week to make sure I was sticking to the plan.  Thank you, Fitness 51!  For the first time ever, I'm EXCITED about bikini shopping this summer!"


Jessica J.

Lost 2.5 inches from her waist in less than a month!  Then she continued to drop pounds and tone up!

I was so thankful that I stumbled across the Fitness 51 booth at the Southern Bridal Show held at the BJCC. My fitness background included occasionally walking, trying to diet, and just looking at fitness magazines. Stephanie and everyone else at Fitness 51 changed that for me. I had such an amazing experience in the month I hired these guys. They understood my health concerns that included exercise-induced asthma. Since they would come to my house, I was less tempted to cancel an appointment as I would if I had a gym membership. Also, working out and asthma isn’t always pretty. Working out in a gym would often leave people staring at me, leaving me feeling self-conscious and me leaving without finishing what I started. Fitness 51 was the answer for me and my fitness issues. Even though I only hired these guys for a month, I noticed a huge difference. I noticed it in pictures, the measurements, my energy levels, and, the best part, my lung function! Though I still continue to become winded during exercise, my ability to do and go compared to day 1 has insanely increased. I look more forward to my wedding and honeymoon now. These guys are amazing, caring, and will kick your butt, leaving you achieving the goals you’ve been trying to obtain. I cannot wait to work with them again in the future. Thanks Fitness 51 family!


Lynne M.

"I have been interested in fitness for over 20 years. Typically in the past  I would partake in group classes at the gym or workout DVD's at home. And I have felt that I have always achieved somewhat the results that I was looking for in a workout session. Since I am always interested in new workout plans and philosophies, I thought I would try working with a personal trainer. Definitely no comparison, Fitness 51 was very impressive. Stephanie taught me new techniques and pushed me to a new level. I saw a difference just after the first session. And it was nice having the one-on-one attention."


Lois M.  

Lost over 50 pounds and dropped 8 dress sizes so far!  

"On my 50th birthday I was a size 22 and simple things like climbing the stairs would leave me winded.  I decided it was time to take charge of my health.  I tried working out with several trainers, but they would always switch gyms and I would be left starting over with someone new.  When I met Stephanie we trained at my country club for a while before we decided to start training at my house.  This has made exercising so much more convenient!  She shows up every week with all of the equipment for my workout.  She also writes workouts for me to do at home and at my local YMCA on days we don't train together.  I have been losing weight steadily and am enjoying the process.  Stephanie, thank you for showing me that anyone can reach their weight loss goals if they believe in themselves.  Thank you for believing in me and sticking with me!  


Fran F- 89 years old   

(Member of balance therapy class and strength training class)

“I think the exercise classes Stephanie offers us are great.  Many of them are the same regime my doctor advised for me.  The balance class is doing us all lots of good and I see quite an improvement in a number of our participants.  My thanks to Stephanie for her hard work.”